I and I

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    I and I ;
    Never alone, forget the phone,
    Reassurance always the prompt ,
    You never need or want ,
    Unnecessary interference,
    No distance may hinder,
    The connection you possess,
    To your other half no less,
    It takes two to tango keep in step,
    Round and around with rhythm,
    Your dance has you in a trance,
    Letting go as you softly flow,
    Then left and right become one,
    Merging to complete the fun,
    Wholly wholly wholly there is another,
    Who else but the mother,
    Gives life to everything living ,
    Brings you in, takes you out,
    Never forsaken, big bosom ,
    A heart of pure white light and precious love,
    it’s the “ Feeling “ that you never forget,
    The impression it leaves,
    A memory that you never forget,
    Because you finally found the answer,
    Of what it means,
    To be Free.

    Anthony Mc Gann.
    5/5/24. 07. 24.

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