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    To increase the population,
    Male and female of every living species,
    Come together in the art of making love, the female does the choosing,
    The male has to meet a standard,
    That she sets, meaning you gotta be the best, stand out from the crowd,
    Not by talking loud, but proud,
    Walking tall, it’s good to be me,
    A nice dance will do the trick,
    It’s not about the size of your dick,
    But have you got what it takes,
    For her to notice your nuptial plumage ,
    Your Sunday best, the way you bob your head,
    She either walks away, you’re being ignored,
    Or joins you in mimicking your dance, meaning you scored,
    Nothing left to do but get down to business,
    This is where the magic starts,
    The coming together of two beating hearts,
    She has the seed within her womb,
    He holds the key to make it bloom,
    So they combine and copulate,
    In this case one and one make three,
    They are as happy as can be,
    That’s it sorted it’s up to her now,
    The seed forms inside her somehow,
    Then the time comes to bring it into the world the next generation,
    Male get ready and be at your station,
    For it’s only just begun,
    Well I’ll be a son of a gun.

    Anthony Mc Gann.
    7/5/24. 05.16.

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