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    He’s tough but not tough enough, quiet now, not like before, you know the score, the street born and raised, God be praised, but he made it through, to start anew, one of the few, thick skin though, you know !! Don’t mess with me or you’ll be sorry, do you have a score I could borry ? But you know my name, What does that mean ? come clean, I see, a friend I once had, when he left I was so sad, but listen, it’s slowly now, not so rapid or fast pace, no more is life a race, but a place of peace and calm, aware of my sweaty palm, tension and bother are outcast, with a dream I once had, part of me is glad, Riding the high horse, going the distance running the course, just to fall at the first, re-mount of course, to fall again, count to ten, it’s a knockout.
    Anthony Mc Gann.

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