Horn Head

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    The Bully;
    For ever and a day they have always been present,
    Ready to jump and scowl your every move,
    There demeanour is violence with its threat on you,
    Like the bully has something to prove,
    That he is in charge and commands control
    Speak out against him and you get a punch
    And a beating so bad you prey, god save my soul,
    But in fact you never did anything wrong or bad
    It’s just the bully whose life and world are so sad,
    What they need is to find someone to hold the blame,
    For causing there trouble and woes and is it not An awful shame,
    So they pick on those of us who are not to say weak, But are humble and may I say meek,
    But all this is considered quite normal behaviour,
    As to coin a phrase only the strong survive,
    But how do we measure a persons strength
    And his ability just to stay alive,
    Is it by brawn and muscle and to hell
    with all who get in my way,
    Or is it through consideration and thought
    For those who are unable to play,
    I say the latter and I say this from the heart
    It’s something I’ve known from the very start,
    Bully’s may rule the moment with fear being there weapon,
    But they don’t last long and there time here is short,
    What’s the meaning of your outlandish retort,
    Humility and meekness is not a weakness
    But a strength not so obvious as bullies loud screams,
    But a quiet reserve that will take one to eternity it seems,
    So when I see or meet a bully with there breath of stench,
    I ignore there provocation’s to get me to fight and avoid,
    There stomachs contents as they continually wrench,
    I just walk on with my dignity and self respect intact,
    Please believe me as this is all a matter of fact.
    Anthony Mc Gann.

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