Acrylic on canvas

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    24/9/2016- My latest work in a style where it’s going to be from now on, back to the beginning, in the white room.
    Just to say one of the foundation stones of the justice system is innocent until proven guilty, not in my case!!!!!!
    on reading Plato’s republic Socrates was in discussion on the subject of Justice and one of the main points of discussion was that Justice was in the interest of the strongest party, but when you have suffered a serious contusion to your brain you are being led around with not a notion of what is going on and with no memory to boot, in this case I agree with Socrates as I received not an iota of Justice as I was absolutely not the strongest party, to use a phrase when a man is down kick him and kick him again and again and again. I rest my case my Lord. May god forgive you. I do.

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