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    4.9.16; This is a special image, A family friend who I know and her husband who I know well asked me to paint a picture to go at the top of the stairs, I was in there home at the time and I said give me a piece of paper and just leave me while at the spot where the painting is going to sit, I was there only a few moments and it came to me, I showed it to the lady and she liked the idea, so I went back to my studio and started. It turned out to be a long process as I kept changing and covering and going over, as I wanted it to be true and to represent the man and woman I knew and the love they have for there children, and this is the result I finally had to stay stop and sign and as I always paint from the heart and with what I feel it is not always going to communicate this to the viewer and this was the case, but I hope in time they will understand and see what I felt, total respect and the real sense of love they have for each other and there children.

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