Mother with child


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    15.8.16; The inspiration for this piece a good many weeks in the making, is many fold, firstly the image itself I got from art-stack and secondly I am working with a woman who at the moment is with child and at my stage in life when you come across a woman who is with child you can’t help but become so utterly overcome with the absolute miracle that you are beholden, the sheer beauty of the mothers face a little puffed with love and joy and the eye’s of mother have no words to express, maybe you could say, crystal clear pools of sublime majesty, so when you sit and think of the little baby that is growing inside of the mother it seems to fill me with bewilderment as I cannot for the life of me understand it completely , so I can only do what I do best and that is to paint an image of what I mean and this image “Mother with child”says it all, because as I see and feel it the little baby is in there listening and growing day by day and I can see it waving out at me. Hi there little miracle.

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