Country Lane


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    Early frosty morning;

    The morning was cold and damp, as I walked
    Through this country lane, in early dawn,
    With not a sound except the birds who whistled
    and sang in between my yawns,
    There were no thoughts occupying my mind
    I just strolled enjoying my time,
    All around was tinged with a hint of pure white,
    As the frost held it all so very tight,
    But then I turned a bend leading out of a canopy,
    which held my attention well,
    And noticed a brightness, yay the sun has risen
    I could tell,
    So over my shoulder beyond the field of barley,
    just over yonder hedgerow,
    The orange light has appeared and was
    beginning to grow,
    So I stood still for quite a while and kept gazing
    At the rising sun,
    And listened intently to the chorus
    which has just begun,
    The wonder of it all brought a shiver down my spine,
    As the great spirit and mine in these moments
    , they did combine.
    Anthony Mc Gann. 3/1\2017. 11.40am.

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