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    Secret Garden;

    One fine day I went out walking with
    Nothing on my mind,
    It was then I happened upon this wondrous
    Garden I thought i would never find,
    I strolled around taking in the splendour
    Of its shrubs and perennials so fine,
    They lifted my spirit so high, I had to find
    Somewhere to sit and rest these feet of mine,
    Then as if by magic I spotted this welcoming
    Seat in a dark corner of this beautiful place,
    So I sat and rested, and it was then my mind
    Began to race,
    Out from this house of glass came a maiden
    Who’s scent filled the air,
    Come with me she said,
    if you have got the time to spare,
    She took me inside this dark house, I was a bit afraid,
    but for the wonders that in there lay,
    My lips were moving but there was nothing I could say,
    She opened a door that led through the wall
    And it was then that I began to fall,
    It was only when I opened my eyes and to my
    I had fallen into a deep sleep on this seat
    In this garden, then as I began to rise,
    I suddenly realised that it was just a dream in which
    i had visited a mysterious world,
    When all the time I was lying on this seat,
    So wrapped up when this mystic journey unfurled.
    Anthony Mc Gann. 8/1/2017. 11.10am.

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