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    Trying to find a way home.

    To get from A to B you have to travel,
    Time and distance and means will determine
    How arduous it can become,
    When you are alone and a deep sea you have to cross,
    it can be the ruination of some,
    I was cast adrift some time ago, in a small boat
    With only a single oar,
    With no destination in mind, I just headed east
    Across the open sea, which occasionally would roar,
    With hope being my floatation device,
    the rising sun being my navigational guide,
    I kept on day after day moving forward,
    My motivation being my pride,
    But then hunger and thirst got the better of me,
    I had to somehow find a shore to land,
    But the nights were so dark, with progress been slow,
    because of blisters on my hands,
    Then a beam of light on port side came to
    light up the dark and guide me home,
    So I headed straight for it with renewed strength
    and energy and hope in my heart,
    Then on landing, hopes came true and I began once more
    with a brand new start.
    Anthony Mc Gann. 5/1/2017. 11.08am.

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