Winds of change


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    When the wind blows a gale, you have
    To batten down the hatches,
    In order to keep your vessel afloat,
    But what is the cause of you been
    Lost at sea, who did rock your boat,
    No matter, we give no thought or credence
    To the past,
    All we have is our hope and faith that
    The storm can never last,
    For winds that come can have purpose
    That comes with there flow,
    All we can do is hoist our sail steer a course
    and they will take us where we need to go,
    I have been lost at sea for some time now,
    Survived many a stormy sea,
    But now all is quiet with just a soft breeze,
    So soft it brings me to my knees,
    I pray that the winds of change have blown Me
    to where I want to be,
    In a place of peace and quiet,
    A happy and creative sanctuary,
    A place to gather myself and to collect my thoughts,
    the conveyancing of which will be through words and pictures,
    With the odd thumbing through the holy scriptures,
    Maybe then I will be ready to meet my maker,
    Of maybe meet a girl and into my heart is will take her,
    So winds of change blow to me, good fortune
    And forever content I will be.
    Anthony Mc Gann. 11/1/2017. 12.13pm.

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