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  1. Posted March 18, 2022 at 8:09 pm | Permalink

    The raging bulls are on the loose, run for cover if that’s any use,
    Hide away and shed your tears, it’s been on the horizon for so many years, running down and destroying all in it’s path, from the gates of hell he comes with Satan’s wrath, ears are closed to any talks of peace, it is truly a most uncompromising beast, they flee in their millions to far away lands, just the essentials they carry in their hands, women with children are first to fill the buses and trains, it doesn’t pour but boy does it rain, heading west to lands of peace and quiet, far away from the bombs and the riot, family and friends are there to greet, expressions of joy as they meet, someday soon please God it will meet it’s match, back to the beginning to start from scratch, so for the moment it has it’s way, but down the road it will have to pay.
    Anthony MC Gann.

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