Eternal Flame

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    Eternal Flame;
    Talking about the end game,
    In the words of a song by what’s his name ? Time to get on board,!
    “The train is now leaving, please go to platform seven,” going non stop on that stairway to heaven,
    Iron horse of course,
    Engineering marvel I have no doubt,
    But that’s not what this is all about,
    Since the dawn of time, your family and mine, indeed our race, every pack has an ace, but the flame has burned,
    The quest for knowledge, the snowball on the hill, that’s all very fine until,
    You run out of fuel, don’t be a fool,
    You got to take care of the source,
    Talking about mother earth of course,
    Take take take look at what’s at stake,
    She will erupt in anger and flood the land, people will find it hard to understand, the end is at hand,
    Is it inevitable does it have to be this way,
    That’s about all I have to say.

    Anthony Mc Gann.
    27/2/24, 4am

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