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    Enclosed by the membrane,
    Held down by the gravitational pull,
    Tied to routine, material wants,
    Conditioned to obey, or else,
    Cracking up, to shed,
    The outside layer the skin,

    To grow and flourish , the reason for being, to capture the meaning then to melt,
    Disappear into colour, become part of, the rapture,
    Soaring in ecstasy, then stop !
    To listen for a while, melodies pure and true, the only ones you knew,
    Birdsong lifts you into the stratosphere and beyond,

    But why ? Surely when you die !
    Old age, you’re thoughts are guided,
    Your spirit has matured,
    Your body starts to slow,
    You appreciate the simple things,
    Just to wake each day, the greatest gift,
    All we can do is give thanks for the opportunity,
    To Grow.

    Anthony Mc Gann.
    25/4/24. 04.23.

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