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    I wandered lonely as a mushroom,
    Cold and damp, and somewhat dark,
    Walking in the wet grass, the muck
    covered my boots in the park,
    There were other people there I suppose,
    But I was aware of nothing,
    My eyes were fixed to the ground,
    Looking for something of interest
    As was my quest, without rest,
    When all at once I became a cross,
    And fell over as it was heavy,
    But then this bunch of daffodils started
    To sing a song, a cheery one at that,
    I looked up and saw them blowing
    there trumpets out loud, “you” they said,
    ” yes you” with the heavy burden,
    “Who me”
    Get off your back and open your eyes,
    This I did and to my surprise, there they were,
    A host of golden daffodils.

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