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    Hang on there a minute, a step too far but no bridge too big, no river deep, no mountain high, regardless of danger or perils, keep on moving, not too high,
    Profile low nice and slow, steady as she goes,
    The explorer, takes his chances, death or glory, same old story, ever changing moods, some he never understood,
    The main thing is he has the utmost faith in his keeper, his friend whose always been there, thick and thin, deepest depths and highest peak, of whom do I speak ?
    He calls himself Celestica, all you see is colour, but you feel his presence, doesn’t make sense, shivers all over and a ringing in your ears, sometimes you might shed a few tears, but then you lift, it’s the night shift, dusk till dawn, you are just a fawn, to go where the feeling takes you, back in time to the dawning of mankind, everything was fine, until,
    They began to question, whose in control, well bless my soul, to turn your back on the rising sun and take for granted, that the seeds we planted, will grow and feed us, but you have to give thanks and praise, to the spirit that gave rise to us all,
    The Sun.

    Anthony Mc Gann.
    28/4/24. 10.16.

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