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    Misled they said, go to sleep, my life I’m allowed to keep,
    surprise, they heard my cries, let me be,
    coz content I will see to the door, on the second floor,
    knock knock we are about to dock, don’t look so shock,
    harbour lights and the beacon of sunrise, purple in its cloak, wise on wise,
    Throw the monkeys fist, then wait, let go the spring, wrapping it to the bits,
    I won a game of poker, with six tits, ashore , what a bore, same ole same ole,
    same shit different day, I have come all this way,
    cross the seas seven, trying to get to heaven,
    time can only tell what’s new, one of the chosen few, I wish,
    cast out my lure trying to get a bite, whatever I don’t give a shite,
    as long as I can sit and beat, my drum ,with echoes from the past, how long I should last ?
    moments is the answer, for someone to say, time to be born, come and fly away.
    Anthony Mc Gann.

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