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    Enveloped :-
    In the spirit of it all, catch me if I fall, all you can do is wonder, on why mankind continues to tear it asunder, what are we to do? All I see is my shoe, As I’m always facing the ground, looking for the lost and found, the lost and the lonely, maybe a mate! Oh if only, nature is my mother, I’ve looked around and there’s no other, always there like the sun, when you shine that’s the time for fun, it’s the birdsong that drives me wild, I always listen intently, ever since I was a child, filling me with swoon, I wish I could walk on the moon, but wait, it’s here and now, in the little fluffy clouds, but you have to be alone away from the crowds, so I’m never alone when I’m out in the bay, part of the fabric you could say, so I don’t talk, I whistle as I paint, a master I ain’t, but just take a second look at my work, on your way out say goodbye to the Turk,.
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