Free bird

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    Free bird;
    Haven’t you heard, after all these years, so many tears, held captive, nothing left to give, as long as I live, I fail to understand, he held out his hand, six of the best, my case I rest,

    Birds are the answer, l can only gaze,
    At the perfection of nature of which I am part, I feel it in my heart, song and color of every hue, to mention just a few,
    I’m a bird, at least my spirit is and that’s the biz, I let it out of it’s cage, I turn another page,

    I sit with a blank page, starting to show my age,
    The cupboard is empty of ideas, so I strike up conversation with my bird,
    What’s the story fella, I need help,
    come with me it said, my face turned red, then off we went, heaven sent,
    Soon my mind is full,
    So all you do is set the bird free from your skull.

    Anthony Mc Gann.

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