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    Giving :
    When it’s cold it brings with it discomfort, distain, Disillusionment,
    This and that, some say it’s a cold world, as they hone in on the entire negative with their chit chat,
    But even on the coldest and darkest days, you can find warmth and comfort in so many ways,
    It starts from within your own mind and spirit,
    With the pleasure of simply giving,
    Just look beyond the idea of always being on the make,
    Looking around to see what else you can take,
    As this always brings with it, bad will, which will not cease until,
    You look beyond yourself and consider someone else’s need,
    And how they are coping with each day just trying to feed,
    You may not have much, but never lose your dignity or stay out of touch,
    Reach out your hand with your gift held for all to see,
    And when it’s taken the joy it brings will stay with you forever, to be,
    Your guiding principle, that no matter how cold this world may seem,
    You are the spark that lights the fire of loving and giving,
    And this is going to be your way for as long as you are living.
    Anthony Mc Gann

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