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    I jumped out of a Cessna;
    Five thousand feet I think or was it thirty, my brain is murky, but the memory is crystal, was just below the clouds, fuselage was brimming, five other hopefuls, wanting to be Tim Cruise for the moment, mission impossible, or is it ?
    Distinct smell it shit, this is it , days of training, hanging from girders, one thousand, two thousand, three thousand, CHECK , fucked or what !
    The purpose for all the planning, to and from, up and down the autobahn on my steed day after day, in all the inclement autumn weather,
    I wanted to fly, kiss the world goodbye and just jump,
    That was the theory, reality was different,
    Steep climb with heavy on your back you are kneeling, After about half an hour,
    The door is flung open, the wind gushes in, clearing the body odours,
    The guy in front gets the Billy,
    He tries to rise but can’t, as your legs go numb,
    His eyes bulging with fear, he gets into position on the footplate, one last long and lengthy liquid fart then Go,
    My name is Cruise, Tom Cruise I said to myself and got into position on the footplate , hanging on dearly to the wing spar, staring with pleading eyes at the instructor who was shouting something at me but with the wind I couldn’t hear a thing,
    So I let go, time travel ,falling through space, in flight like a dinosaur,
    In my mind, over cliffs I soar,
    Way down there the waves roar,
    Then Bump, the chute opens,
    then you glide,
    Arms and legs open wide,
    Then like a swan you prepare to land,
    Pulling on the toggles in turn,
    X marks the spot, my aim is true,
    Flare, Flare, Flare, then to land,
    On my two feet I did stand,
    Straight back up to do it all over again,
    The sun was setting, my nerves were getting the worse on me,
    Homeward bound back down the highway, my head still skyway,
    My eyes never closed for a week,
    For this is a leap of Faith on which I speak.

    Anthony Mc Gann
    12/4/24. 06.20.

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