What is Reality ?

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    What is reality;
    Purgatory ? What once was a heaven,
    In limbo as I sway, the pendulum,
    Life span and with it comes decay,
    Roots no longer feed,
    Outgrown there use, no more need,
    Girth obtuse soon to topple,
    Stopping the unstoppable, hence,
    It goes to compost, last post,
    To succeed is the primary goal,
    For this is where eternal souls go,
    To repent, make amends,
    To learn What it takes,
    To carry through, lost luggage,
    Toiling hard with homework and revision,
    Then to wait, Waiting is an art form,
    Not written on stone or book,
    But you can recognise those,
    Who possess such a trade,
    Perfection with a slight – With their hands they create .
    Individual sight and view,
    May determine something you might think is new,
    Time is in reverse, as Louis le Brocquy once said,
    “ Archaeology of the mind “ forward is back, back to brass tack.

    Anthony Mc Gann.
    14/4/24. 06.56.

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