God help me

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    A world of my own;-
    To the wolves I was thrown. Warts and all, Down the slippery slope I did fall, why didn’t you answer my call ? A piercing cry , why oh why, but solace now crumbles and shadows, not that it matters, as I found a place, inside my inner space, not to hide, but to glide, up and down the streets and fields over hedge and trees,
    Through valley’s and Dale’s the dance of the seven veils, then over to dream lands, where all is possible, yet untouchable, blink and it’s gone, I know I’ll sing a song, follow the yellow brick road, look at me I’m a toad, then nothing, but a ringing in my ears , my worst fears, only make believe, is all it was, still, a noble cause, freedom to be what I want to be, wait and see.
    Anthony Mc Gann.

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