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    Wilf ;-
    Son of Dilf , husband and father you you know who! Through doorways in time he flew, back in the day , where and when ! well whose to say, all I know is the moment , the here and now, I got the feeling somehow, but what about Wilf ? He’s lost and alone , all he’s got is his phone, to keep in touch, with the family he loves so much, the guilt of killing a fly or a spider, the gap between what’s real or not gets wider, tighter and tighter with the memories he gets hold of, then keeps , he’s more at peace when he sleeps, blanket in heaps, toss and turn, the sensation of burn, then sweat profusely,
    Hanging on , just about but loosely, then to let go, nothing to show, but the breeze, cooling me softly with a whisper of encouragement , a sweet lament , to show that your never alone, not just skin and bone, the further you go , the more you have to show.
    Anthony Mc Gann.
    24/6/22. 18.32.

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