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    All I do is a prayer, to thee the soothsayer,
    Hear my plea and please don’t laugh,
    It’s far fetched and not by half,
    your ear please lend, on my faith you can depend,
    Deliver on your promise, to make things right,
    Am tired and weary nothing left to fight,
    But wait until I finish, let me have my say,
    Lets walk together, you lead the way,
    Long time now since I let go, not much to show!
    You said everything gonna be alright,
    Look at me now, try hard as I might,
    Can’t seem to break through the continental surge,
    Of crushed and broken long ago’s, I can still touch my toes,
    Though it sounded good at the time, everybody’s free,
    Twirling around loving just being me,
    Marking time now, as I do always,
    To paint the image of what now looks like,
    A fleeting glimpse, like passing on a bike,
    Someday they will see, How lonely it can be,
    How the fruit is just out of reach, ” yes a peach”
    Go for broke, it’s no joke! To fall asleep and dream,
    Of how things might have been, This is my Prayer to the soothsayer,
    All I ask is for to be fair.
    Anthony Mc Gann.

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