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    Colour ;-
    A life of , in spite of , grey overcast , it doesn’t last long , to skip along , whistling blue , that’ll do for now , in the neon light I take a bow , yellow coz he’s a fine fellow , red be careful out there , I left my sunglasses somewhere , orange and with it the sky , turns to crimson then pink , the light makes me blink , white with all it’s might then purple in the shade , violet you got it made , black and over my head a sack , what’s the crack , then turquoise makes an entrance through the mist , at pthalo green I shake my fist , sanguine and shy with the French ultramarine , where have you been , but sorrow for indigo , you don’t wanna know , daffodil white looks like home , I need to get into the creative zone , with what is left , I’m pretty deft, leaf green colour of creation to create, a self portrait, can’t wait, rose red , from my head I bled , Naples yellow though, to my studio , off I go.
    Anthony MC Gann.

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