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    Born and raised by the street,
    a nicer guy you could not meet,
    Wouldn’t do anyone a wrong turn,
    Meanwhile he has brains to burn,
    Getting on a bit now,
    Can’t you tell by the lines on his brow,
    Every little thing gonna be alright,
    So the prophet say,
    He always pay his way,
    no bad word say, he pray,
    Let him be, the little bee,
    day by day the pollen collect,
    He rest with time to reflect,
    On times pass,
    Now gone to grass, He pass,
    He work on the mirror , reflecting the times,
    Even the tremors he mimes,
    Contribution to society, a mere whisper, but none the less,
    He confess, only the truth, by his honour and pledge,
    And drive a wedge, par five, do it in four,
    Close that door to the past,
    Hatred so deep it couldn’t last,
    Only human after all, hear my cry, answer my call.
    Anthony Mc Gann.

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