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    Friday 9 October 2020

    Begin to wonder at why we are born,
    To resign ourselves to the fact that we have to live,
    Just to give, To move over and accept our faith,
    Thy faith has made thee hole,
    Just to think of the first thing I stole,
    Begin to count the cost,
    Of the dreams that somehow are lost,
    Begin to ask the questions as to why it is a lonely life,
    The strife,
    Begin again only to lose all the things you hold so dear,
    Begin to recognise your reflection, the inner you,
    That you always seem to push away,
    Over you he does hold sway,
    When will it end,
    For I have not got a friend.

    Not counting Raz, do anything for you kind of guy, no limit, upwards to the sky, always good for a laugh, make you smile, all the while the joke is on you, one and one make two, buckle my shoe, lets no pretend anytime soon, real life or cartoon ?
    Anthony Mc Gann.

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