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    A voice;
    I have a voice and I need to be heard,
    My opinions and the way I look at life, are things to be shared,
    But who am I ? Why have such thoughts,
    Because as far as society is concerned they would count for nought,
    It’s hard sometimes when you realise your a nobody,
    A dreamer with delusions of being a somebody,
    But that will not stop me from posting my views,
    On Facebook and “what’s app “ along with the rest of the news,
    Do I think they would carry much weight or influence the way people think ?
    Maybe cause an argument by kicking up a stink,
    Not on your nelly, I’m not that kind of man,
    From humble beginnings I began,
    It’s just I’m a deep thinker who longs for change,
    Maybe get to talking to someone who can arrange,
    For me to meet the people in power, those who make law,
    Talk to them how I feel , speak out without acting the hard chaw,
    For I feel a whole section of society, the working class to which I belong,
    Arn’t been treated fairly which in my mind is wrong,
    On TV and radio you never hear us talk, our accent is absent, we’re nowhere to be seen,
    Unless were making you laugh or on crime call a has been,
    But we’re here and have made our contribution,
    In so many ways and with it a resolution,
    To be recognised for what we really are,
    Outstanding citizens and much better by far,
    Than how we are portrayed by the state,
    The day will come and for that I can’t wait,
    In the meantime I will keep writing my rhymes,
    About my thoughts and the changing times.

    Anthony Mc Gann. 4/10/2020.

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