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    Non stop rain;-
    With grey skies and feeling depressed, sure I’ll get up and get dressed, now to plan my day, what will I do, where do I go, I don’t know, because it’s raining outside and it hasn’t stopped, my pills for the day I dropped, feeling better now and ready to face what the day brings, my mind is full of imaginings, should I go to the mall and buy some clothing, maybe a rain coat, a pair of shoes, now that would beat the blues, there is always a way, to bring sunshine into your day, hang on, how much is on my card, holding back is hard, you can’t spend what you haven’t got, best to stay home or I’m likely to lose the plot, it’s still raining outside sure no matter I’ll stay in and hide, that suits me best, I could do with the rest, maybe it’ll stop raining I’ll go for a walk in the park and enjoy what’s free, all the time it’s just me being me.
    Anthony Mc Gann.1/7/2020.

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