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    Cruel at times, I‘m Guilty of petty crimes, you do what you have to do just to get by,
    Certain types do well, if your soul you can sell, But they always end up at the bottom of the well, by the scars on their face you can tell,
    At an early age you know you have to fight, just for the right, To be,
    It‘s playtime you see, shoot to kill, lock and load, a gang on every road,
    Any excuse would do, it was a question of whose who,
    The wars raged on, eventually there would emerge a Don, ain‘t nobody would take him on, do you want to have a go ?
    Definitely not with so and so,
    To be called Mad was the best compliment you could get, He‘s mad, so stay clear, just a mention would fill you with fear,
    You could tell the ones that would fail !
    There parents would weep and wail,
    As the wooden box dropped, back to the abyss, I‘m not taking the piss, I bare witness to the fact, to make it out of the estates, you got to put on your skates,
    And get the fuck, you‘ll get a steady job with a bit of luck, buy a gaff, so long riff raff,
    Then to start again, what you learned you wrote down with a pen,
    Watch your back, it‘s just the same old craic.
    Anthony Mc Gann
    25/3/24. 06.10.

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