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    All you do is rave and rant, to try and understand I cant,
    You are meant to lead, but all of your people bleed, it‘s useless to plead,
    You just walk away, back into your ego,
    Nothing was ever so hollow, your friends and family follow,
    Echoes of screams and babies crying,
    You completely ignore the moans and groans and sorrow of the thousands that are dead and dying, what a waste,
    Your depth of evil I can taste,
    A product of a world going or that is according to the laws of probability, bad, heading for destruction,
    All you do is listen to instruction,
    Of what happened before, some families are truly rotten to the core, never ending cycle of selfish greed and gluttony, then to blame it on me, the guilt is put on me,
    But listen, nature has a way of putting an end to the ongoing and endless shit ,
    People been killed and eaten like swine,
    Go with them and dine,
    But there is a power not beholden to man, who thinks he has it made,
    Wait and see down the road, all the evil people be looking for a spade,
    Dig on ye another hole, for you have lost your sacred soul.

    Anthony Mc Gann
    19/3/24. 7am.

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