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    Night Mares;
    Travelled on a bus or car through a refuse tip to a dilapidated house, it was by the sea, that was clear, inside was nothing but maggots and flies, an old woman was present, I indicated I would like to wash my hands, no tap’s just a hose nailed to the wall, to rinse the water came gushing from her mouth, I was in danger, maggots were crawling all over me and burrowing into my flesh, I tried to pull them out but just broke in half and kept eating, I somehow managed to escape and ran, through street’s broad and narrow, down dark lane ways for a good two hours or so, eventually I came across a woman who seemed good and said she wanted to help, I was so exhausted t had to agree, she pulled out a tweezers and we began to pull the maggots which were deep rooted out of my flesh, she got the ones out of my bum, I couldn’t reach those, so we rested and talked for a while my whole body covered in the holes the maggots left, and were oozing blood, but she had a potion she got me to drink, my whole body smelled such a stink, she managed to then calm me down so off we went into town her and me, we stopped after a good while at this place she recommended, it was in her trust I depended, we drank tea and ate grass for about two days then we left and then I awoke, cold as ice and shaking like a leaf, back on familiar ground, in my chest my heart did pound, so I asked my spirit to come to my aid , from dreams like these good poems and paintings are made.
    Anthony Mc Gann
    2/6/24. 05. 24 am .

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