Other World

Oil Painting

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    Other world

    Wednesday 5 April 2017

    We live in a world, but there are worlds
    In worlds, not parallel but deep within,
    Steel and glass, rigid concrete unbending,
    Straight lines and sharp corner’s,
    Doors locked entry not permitted,
    But I have to and am compelled to explain,
    For those who find they are enclosed,
    Banging heads of steel walls looking for something,
    It’s here, right here, right now,
    Let me tell you how, time not relevant here,
    Step outside and empty your mind with no thought of where to go,
    Your beacon is a copse of trees, tree of life,
    Sit still wait and just listen,
    They will come and tell you what you need to hear,
    Not in words but in the oldest of oldest of languages,
    Whistles and chirps, the bearer’s of which are the
    Oldest of oldest of kin, the birds,
    They recognize your troubles as they have seen it all before,
    trouble of every hue and color,
    They talk and talk without judgement or fear,
    They feel you and see you as color,
    You arrive blue and walk away orange and yellow.
    Anthony MC Gann. 11/4/2017. 10.01 am.

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