Song Thrush

Oil Painting

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    The thrush

    Wednesday 29 March 2017

    I sat in the company of a thrush As he went through
    His repertoire of songs and whistles,
    And by god did it lift me, never before did I feel so enchanted,
    as I did listening to his song,
    My mind entered a dimension unknown to me until now,
    as the purity of the tone left no room for doubt,
    as I willingly without question drifted away,
    To where the music was summoning me to go,
    Back in time, way back as far back as you can imagine,
    in a word primal, the very beginning,
    Resulting in a feeling so blissfully enchanting,
    That I completely forgot my name or who I am meant to be,
    for this instance I was me,
    and it felt so real,
    The song continued uninterrupted and in complete Fluidity,
    I floated on a wave in an endless sea,
    Where I want to be, lost in translation,
    Time was forgotten, in a place called nowhere,
    I got there after so long in my life thinking I was lost,
    After sometime I know not the quantum,
    I came to, my sketch completed,
    In return all I could was bow and give thanks and praise,
    to the almighty thrush, my friend for evermore.
    Anthony MC Gann. 29/3/2017. 15.37.

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