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    We have a meaning for the word,
    The one you always hear, the Irish were depicted as much, so out of touch,
    Ape, I could crush a grape, took a long time to escape, focus on prime, you’ll understand in time, it’s not a crime,
    To be bold, story never told,
    About how old we really are,
    You’ve only got to look at the stars,
    To realize, it’s all about size,
    We barely exist in the grand scheme of things,
    Everything just rotates in rings,
    What’s there to do I ask ?
    Can this race complete the task ?
    The answer lies in the past when man was ahead of the game,
    Now it is so, but only in name,
    We have to face up to the truth,
    There is a power in nature and it is absolute,
    We’re shooting or have already shot ourselves in the foot,
    All that’s ahead is a Deep rut,
    The wheels are in motion though,
    I say because I know,
    Stop this train, I want to get off I missed my stop,
    Skip jump and a hop, down the aisle and on my face the biggest smile.

    Anthony Mc Gann.

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