There out there


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    There out there;
    They don’t take form, at least that’s not
    The norm, when you get to meet, with the world at your feet, everything is white with a hint of yellow,
    You feel quite mellow, all you sense are impressions of your great expectations, unexpected sensations, a whole new feeling, for once everything has a meaning, you want to reach out and touch, but there’s nothing there thank you very much, just the light, very bright, your in the company of a child, the one that resides within time itself,
    Free as a bird in the sky, looking down on what has become, of the paradise that once was, it’s all because of greed, taking everything beyond what they need, there’s only on place where that will lead, destruction on a great scale, a total wipe out. So what’s it all about, we must care more for what we have becoming part of all life on the planet and caring,, it’s all part of the whole so if one port suffers and then to vanish, it effect’s and shifts the balance between life and death, right now the wheels are in motion, what will happen ? Sure I haven’t a notion, but if thy right hand bite thee, cut it off, a law of nature species come and go, sit back and enjoy the show.

    Anthony Mc Gann.

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