Snail Killer

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  1. Posted July 3, 2024 at 4:54 am | Permalink

    I stood on a snail;
    My heart began to wail, I wasn’t watching where I stepped, my eyes turning red as I wept, it’s spiral shell took so long to create, it’s soft body in some lands is dinner on a plate, that sends shivers down my spine, when I look at its broken body all covered with slime, what to do now for I’ve taken a life, through my foolishness and with my thoughts about coping with my strife, the sadness won’t leave me as I continue with my walk, so with nature’s wonders I begin to talk, I ask that it forgives my mistake, if only for pity’s sake, I make my promise not to ever repeat, destroying a life with the weight of my feet, then a feeling of warmth with lightness of head, allows me to decide and go for a coffee instead, to sit a dream of what might have been, for that snail which I accidentally killed, my only hope is that it has seeded and given life to the next generation, in order to continue for us to wonder, at this creature whose spiral home is one of nature’s emanations.

    Anthony McGann
    22/6/24. 10.27.

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