The wonder of it all

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    The wonder of it all;
    As I walk by the sea, a gentle breeze, a bit nippy for the time of year, the waves forever rolling on, shish shish shish on the shore, vessel’s bobbing on the tide in the harbor not narrow but wide,
    Seagulls flying all around, making that seagull sound, looking closer I notice the turn stones not many but few, doing what turn stones do, in amongst the seaweed ever turning over the weeds to see what they can find,
    Sometimes they’ll snap for a fly or maybe a worm they just turn and turn, oyster catchers now there’s a beauty, long red beak and red legs, marching up and down and they make a beautiful sound when they fly overhead, a wood pidgin in the background “ look at you “ I said “ look at you too “ your shape and colours your so scared of man, I suppose they do what they can to destroy, with their toy, to shoot maim and eat , to them your just a dinner treat, all I do is hope they return as one of your kind, get shot with pellets in their behind, a pair of magpies in conversation, the sound they make is a sensation, to me all the birds they make the call of the wild, I always feel like a child, standing still listening with intent, when they write of the beauty of nature, I know what they meant, blue green and violet, I need to go to a toilet, suffice to say me and nature are one, so put away the gun.
    Anthony Mc Gann.
    21/6/24. 06.59.

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