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    Oh yeah there is something I did miss, I must have went for a piss, I refused to be moulded, to be what they wanted me to be, just another face in the line up, I was a young pup, they push and shove and beat into you the rules and regulations, with stipulations, they imply that you are something when in fact, you are nothing, just a number, maybe a plumber ,
    Or some other trade, just part of their tirade, which you obeyed, or you would rot in hell, or some hell hole, if you stole, or told a lie, you would die, all of this shit filled the childs mind with fear, with a lot more besides, looking for a Bush or rock, somewhere to hide, but I did obey, to a point, until the day I smoked a joint, dropped a tab of acid, went on a trip, to the stars and back, just for the craic, my mind was opened, I saw the light, to my delight, I began to unravel, loose the chains , try and forget the pains, began to see more clearly , staying close to those whom I love dearly , because I began to step over , through brambles and fences , over walls and locked gates , sometimes crawl , cry and bawl , shake and shudder , headaches along with abdominal cramps , over hills and down ramps , to get to the truth , to what is real , knowing in my heart because I could feel , it was all a fabrication what I was thought , counting for nought , real love is what matters most , yes there is a ghost , one for past one for present also one for future , there the ghosts that speak, day after day week after week , to the spirit that dwells within my mind , are cruel to be kind , but guidance is all that I ask from such , not much to ask , but essential in my task , to go forward and my spirit to expand , in this forsaken land , eternity awaits the brave , who toil from birth to the grave.
    Anthony Mc Gann
    30/6/24 . 21.28.

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