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    Sometimes good sometimes bad, a lot depends on the childhood you had, memories play a big part, right from the start, from conception to birth to arrival, the name of the game is survival, a young mind is open, influenced by its surroundings, absorbing what is said and done, whether a stick or a gun, punishment seems normal, let’s be informal, society will blame those who cannot speak, whether from mouth or beak, for its ills, all they do is give you the pills, but let’s be honest, I’m here to tell the truth, I promised, the management is malignant in its power, day after day hour after hour, weapons of mass destruction, they are under instruction, to kill and maim, what’s your name, that’s all it takes, the bar is high on the guilty stakes, but back to the dreams, your subconscious is trying it seems, to try and make you confront and understand, those that struck you with the back of their hand, good spirits too are there to defend, on that you can depend, you are just stuck in the middle trying to make sense of it all, but right and good always in the end win through, you just have yourself to decide who is who, you are just there for the ride.
    Anthony Mc Gann
    22/6/24. 05.45.

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