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    From the time of conception to the day you leave the womb and forever more, you are a sinner right down to your core, that’s what they say, I pray, let he without sin cast the first stone, the sound of silence I hone, but the stones come raining down, right now who is the clown, to make em laugh, I speak on their behalf, the less money you have, the more likely you are to end up in the lav, to be pissed on shat on and then flushed, to your death over the edge of a cliff , from your remains comes a dreadful whiff, its not that you were bad, it’s just you’ve been had, it’s the real liars and cheats and those who begrudge, who put on the wigs and judge, the wig is a disguise, because they are not wise, they are just part of the master plan, doing what they can, to keep the humble people down in hell, you can tell by their clothes, then there are those, who claim to be the good gods aid, they are paid, to let let loose their scorn, for they are born, to believe in justice for poor, get away from me you hoor, for god is made of total and pure love in its totality, that I’m afraid is the reality, you’ve got to think of the long term, on that point I am standing firm,
    Leaving this earth is not the end, on that you can depend, for this earth is possessed with a selfish spirit, destruction its cause, right here I’ll pause, you know the rest, all you can do is what’s best.
    Anthony Mc Gann
    22/6/24. 05.09.

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