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    Hunter and Hunted;-
    The big red bear is running wild, claws outstretched, rule and law as well as Gods earth being defiled, Lemmings charge out of the way, hoping to live and see another day, Breathing and spouting hell fire , day and night will it ever tire, but wait, lurking in the shadows the pack of wolves are waiting, for the opportunity, break with informity,
    Sense of the hunt, to bring it down they’ll have to be blunt, how long should they stand aside, watching the hoards with nowhere to hide, Time will only tell, the stench of burning a horrid smell, out numbered for sure, to bring it down they will have to stay pure, but bite with contrite heart, together as one, that’s just a start, time can only tell an outcome that can never part, the treaty that was signed and sworn, yet here we are all slashed and torn.
    Anthony MC Gann.

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