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    Park Lands; It’s where we go to relax and unwind
    Surrounded by nature and the colour green,
    Blissful birdsong you hear around you
    The purveyors of which cannot be seen,
    All you know is the way that all this makes
    You feel deep inside your soul,
    A calmness and need to go deeper within
    The array of rhythms’ as you fall into a rabbit hole,
    Down you go into this swirling pool of wonder
    So full of earthly delight,
    With not a care of how it may end or
    If there’s an end at all but then it just might,
    It’s only then do you start to wake as a fly
    Has just landed on your nose,
    So you swipe it away and then you try
    To return to that mystical repose,
    Try hard as you will but you cannot get back
    To that moment to when you and mother where one,
    Or to hear her voice saying, you are my son,
    But no matter at least you felt the spirit that
    Is always around,
    All you do is close your eyes and lay softly on the ground,
    Listen to what is around you and feel warming hug
    Of mother nature’s breast as you lye there
    Nice and snug.
    Anthony Mc Gann.

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