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    19/11/2016 ; FEAR
    A prerequisite of existence is that you are
    Familiar with the anxieties associated with fear,
    It’s an emotion once familiarised with, will
    Help you greatly on the road to manhood,
    Because in this society in which we live it is
    The one emotion that carries with it so many tears,
    Our indoctrination in schools use it very well
    All in the name of brotherhood,
    Why is this so, I often ask myself as my body
    Has so many scars as a result,
    Fear is an emotion, an instinctive reaction,
    A warning of danger, a heightened state,
    To help us defend ourselves against
    The onslaught of society and its cult,
    But every action has a reaction and as we quake
    In our worn out boots,
    It causes every nerve to shake right down to
    It’s root,
    Mincing our words as we try to speak and
    Our stomach so tight causing our works to leak,
    To conclude then why do we need to be this way,
    Why oh why should we be always so afraid,
    The hunter and the hunted, we fall prey
    As on the road of life all we could do is lay,
    Only to be trod on underfoot,
    God why has thou forsaken me, please get me
    Out of this rut.
    Anthony Mc Gann.2/11/2016.

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